Happy meal

cous cous face
Last Sunday, I woke up to find this for breakfast, courtesy of my wonderful wife. What can I say? Cous cous, tomatoes, and a bratwurst sausage never looked this good.

(post title notwithstanding, on second viewing the expression on the face does look rather rather grim. He seems to be steeling himself for the inevitable consumption, mouth pulled tight in a line, as if to say "Right, let's get on with it then: do what you have to do")


Tym said…
You have a wonderful wife and I would never think of serving couscous with bratwurst, but dangit, it looks good.

I hope the end was quick and merciful for him.

reminds me of all the super-tasty breakfasts/lunches/dinners/suppers that N have made me in the past.

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