Just look at those eyes ...

just look at those eyes
Last evening, with tym and ampulets celebrating the end of their respective scholarship bonds at the East Coast Food Centre, was this adorable cat who hovered around our tables and took scraps from us. She looked in remarkably good health for a stray: cats this cute no doubt get fed fairly often (and are conversely probably not mistreated as often: it would take a completely heartless brute to look into those eyes and still kick an animal like this, though there are always people like that: I'll never forget the time these stupid morons tied a piece of string to a stray's tail and K and I had to try and remove it, no easy task given how nervous and skittish the cat was). She was also quite pregnant, which explains the begging for food.

Iffy stares intently

From one cute cat to another: this is Iffy, staring intently at some mysterious spot on the blanket, as she is wont to do. She's like a sphinx when she does that.


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