omigosh! It's see-thru!

transparent screen
I blogged about this sometime back ... I think ... can't seem to find the post though ...

(come to think of it, blogger doesn't have much in the way of search facillities for its blogs - the little google toolbar on top doesn't really work all that well)

... anyway, it was about creating an apparently transparent screen on your laptop. It just involves taking a photo of what lies behind your laptop and setting it as yhour desktop picture (sizing and aligning it properly) such that it appears that your screen is see-through. Nothing spectacular, but I thought it would be a cool thing to try. More examples of this can be seen here, at the page for photos tagged with .

This, and other things, can be accomplished on a boring saturday afternoon while waiting to go out for dinner.


hey! i remember you posting about this. i think it was in May or something? cool...

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