The Shoe Meme

Ampulets has hit me with the , so here goes:

Total number of shoes owned: 12
Of which, the following 3 are regularly worn
- Boots, Doctor Marten, Zippered, Black, most worn
- Loafers, Hush Puppies, Brown, also frequently worn
(these two have had their soles re-glued by me several times, cos I like them so much)
- slip-ons, Weinbrenner, white, usually worn when I can't be bothered to wear socks

The rest are worn once in a blue moon:
- Sandals, Chaco, Black (for beaches: last worn in Bali)
- Shoes, Laced, Brown, Bata (dunno why I bothered: I'm too lazy for laces)
- Shoes, Bata, Some other pair from (ditto)
- Shoes, Running, Nike (if I exercised more ...)
- Shoes, Dress, Black, worn on wedding and rarely after
- Boots, Zippered, Brown, Dressy, worn rarely cos they hurt
- Boots, Army, circa 1991 (old model, with metal loops for the laces all the way, and chevron patterned sole)
- Boots, Army, circa 2000 (second generation model introduced circa 1995, panama cut sole)
- Boots, Army, Gore-tex circa 2003 (best model yet. Love these: wear them when travelling)

Most expensive pair of shoes:
I think it's a toss-up between the Gore-tex army boots (in excess of $100, but paid for with annual reservist allowance) and the dress boots (definitely in excess of $100).
Bonus - Most expensive pair ever: a $200 pair of Doc Martens that I bought before going to England for university, and which lasted me 5 years, through travels in 4 countries and up 3 mountains, making it also the most value for money I've ever got out of a shoe. (least value was a pair from Clarks that fell apart within a month)

Cheapest pair of shoes:
Since the army gave me my first pair of boots for free, they surely are the cheapest. The current DM's are also 'cheap' since the bonus cash from my credit card paid for all $90 of it. In absolute cheap terms though, any one of the Bata shoes, at about $29.90, is cheap.

Last shoe bought:
The Weinbrenners

Shoe under work desk:
Whatever I'm wearing to work (9 times out of 10 the DMs) since I take my shoes off at work

And the people I pass this meme on to:
Well, I don't know so many people who haven't been shoe memed already, so
the bokolog


Tym said…
You have Bata shoes!!!
wahj said…
Look, Bata shoes are cheap, ok? And they work!

... although I must say that with shoes, as with most things, you get what you pay for (occasional lemons excepted)
tscd said…
I like bata shoes! They are good. Did you know that they are an Italian homebrand?
wahj said…
Really? Always thought they were French. Someone once told me that whereas Bata is a budget brand in Singapore, it is higher end brand in Europe - is that true?
ampulets said…
I saw a pretty fancy Bata shop in Milan some years ago, so maybe you are right.

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