Two photos of blue skies

Stuck at home again, so here're two photos of blue skies I took recently.
I used to love jet planes: I went to the aerospace exhibitions regularly as a child, and when the Thunderbirds came for a display, smack in the middle of my exams, I so badly wanted to go and see them that my mom and dad let me, which was an incredibly enlightened decision on their part. I've lost interest over the years - for some reason, the latest generation of planes like the Raptor and Eurofighter don't capture my imagination as much as classics like the F-16 (which, though you can't see it, are what's in the photo above, and for my money, still the sexiest looking plane ever built) and the F-14 (two words sum that plane up: TOP and GUN. Enough said).

Now that I think of it, it's quite funny that while I build models of tanks, I still haven't made a single airplane model. For one thing though, the style of modelling is quite different. Airplane modelling tends to be in the 1/35 scale, aiming for a very clean and "pretty" look, whereas all my tank models are gaming pieces in 1/72 scale with a dirty, roughed-up, "used" look. I'm not even sure I can paint a "clean" look.

Blue skies, green trees
This next one was taken, lying on the beach at Bali, staring up at that beautiful blue sky. There isn't much to say about it, except just to look at that sky ....


Terz said…

When I opened your blog, I thought I was at someone else's (here). Yeah, the 14 - 18 series are sexy. The new ones are too blocky for my liking.
brilliant shot of the planes! wish i was the one who took it. =)

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