The weekend in review

I'm convinced my current headache (as opposed to the headache of last week, which bears a passing, but not familial, resemblance to this one) is the direct result of the back massage yesterday.

K took me to this place which does foot and back massages, and for 40 minutes I sat on a chair while on my defenceless back this man pummeled and poked, and put pressure on places he probably shouldn't have. I'm convinced nerves were pinched and blood vessels squashed inappropriately: later that night at dinner, in the middle of swallowing a large mouthful, I had the disconcerting experience of my vision blacking out rapidly from the edges before recovering just as quickly. I have no idea where this came from: I'm not prone to fainting or blacking out, but this was like entering a tunnel in a speeding car, the lights dimming and then returning just as quickly. Perhaps something was thrown out of alignment: my masseuse seemed to treat my back as some sort of challenge, like a hunk of steak he had to tenderise, or an opponent in the boxing ring he had to KO. No, I don't think he meant ill - but I do think that subtlety of technique was not his strong suit.

Then again, it was a weekend with two buffet dinners (including an excellent , which I'm linking so I can find the phone number again), as well as champagne, so I haven't been following the healthiest of diets recently. I don't normally drink, but the champagne was courtesy of a good friend, and the company and conversation was excellent (even though I felt rather lost when they started debating the relative merits of the drink, being woefully under-educated concerning wines). The place was nice (Cornerstone Wines, ex-Provignage), though the consensus was they could at least have served water, instead of making us buy it.
It never rains but it pours: we had a farewell lunch for a colleague who's leaving us, and it was another massive buffet, this time at Merchant Court Hotel. Great buffet - but I'd reached saturation point already - three buffets in as many days is a bit too much.


tscd said…
sounds like you have experienced a migraine headache - that 'tunnel vision' is a very typical forewarning of migraines.

If you ever get that tunnel vision again, try taking some panadol immediatly to stave off the headache that will follow 20-30minutes later.
wahj said…
thanks! I really should pack some with me wherever I go. It scared me cos I've never experienced this before. Besides the normal fears, the immediate and very frightening thought that flashed before me was "Oh God, please don't let me fall face first into my food in front of the in-laws".
ampulets said…
You tried Origins' "Peace of Mind"? I call it Ang Mo Hong You. But it's really more effective than stinky axe oil. Works all the time...and I haven't have had to take panadol for headaches since.

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