You get the strangest kinds in cinemas.

I spent 2 hours watching Sin City last night, sitting next to a man who could not shut up to save his life.

Hot babe appears on screen: "Waaaa ..."
Shocking violence: "AIYOH!!!"
Some character reels off some cheesy line: <hyaena-like laughter>
Repeat for 2 hours

(this, by the way, more or less sums up Sin City for you if, like the man next to me, you were there purely for the visceral experience - hot babe - violence - cheesy dialogue - repeat)

This, compounded with the fact that the cinema managed to show the first 5 minutes of a non widescreen edition of the film in widescreen, means that local cinemas have to date had an appalling track record. They showed Episode I out of focus. They managed to set the film on fire during the screening of LOTR I (I'm not kidding: the projector jammed, and a theatre full of horrified viewers saw the image burn up before their eyes). And they wonder why people are just settling for the DVD.


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