Extreme Frustration: Razer Mouse doesn't work on OS 10.4.3

[Update, 14 Nov 2005: Razer has since solved this problem: read here.]

One of things about being a Mac user is putting up with being treated as a second-class citizen as far as the computer gaming industry is concerned.

Case in point: after I updated my OS to 10.4.3 this morning, my spanking new Razer V1.6 mouse (blogged about here) stopped working. Well, to be precise, every button on it (including scroll wheel and side buttons) mapped to left-click, and stayed that way. Not only does this mean that I can't use the advanced features (such as on-the-fly senstivity adjustment) on this expensive mouse: it means that I am in effect using a one button mouse. Let me say that again: a blooming one button mouse.

Apprarently, Razer hasn't got around to writing a driver that fits the updated OS. Their drivers available for download for Mac are version 1.6 (which didn't work on 10.4.2) and a 1.6.1 beta, which worked (with one irritating glitch) in 10.4.2, but which is now hopeless in 10.4.3.

End result: I'm switching back to the Logitech MX 510 until Apple and Razer unflub themselves and get this problem sorted out. The person I spoke to from Apple (Yes, I called their help desk. Yes, it was an Indian call centre) could only suggest that I re-install my OS when I asked whether it was possible to un-install an OS update, which is an extreme solution: I'm not quite ready to put my iBook through the equivalent of hypno-regression therapy just to get a mouse to work.



Neil said…
Luckily razer are talking about releasing the source to their drivers after copperhead is finished - so you should have a much wider base of tweaked drivers etc that are upwardly compatible sometime starting Q2 06

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