Now THAT'S what I call service

A while back I wrote about my frustration at my new Razer mouse not working after Apple updated OS X to 10.4.3. I sent an email to Razer to tell them what happened, and today, I received an email from them, with a driver attached, that fixed all the problems. Turnaround time: a mere 9 days.

Kudos to Razer for responding so quickly and well. My respect for this company has increased tremendously, seeing how they look after their customers. Not every company is like that. It made my day, and I thought I should mention this to balance out the frustrated post.



Packrat said…
Yay! You're mouse(d) again. :)

I'm actually quite amazed by Razer as a company and they have really tried to live up to their reps as the company that cares about what their customers say. (Their mice are designed "by gamers for gamers")

Good to see that it's working again.

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