My most popular photo

This is apparently my most popular photo on flickr: Lone Tree.

Lone Tree 3

Apparently, this image made it to the top 25 of flickr's "explore" pages, which is not bad. This is also the one image which has received requests from various people to use - for posters, in a magazine, and for some book (which it is totally unrelated to). I've mostly told them yes, since I'm not a pro and I don't make money from my photography.

There is one thing that has always irritated me though ... the largish leaves on the right. In the foreground. They don't belong. And I can't crop them out without losing the tree.


Anonymous said…
NOT BAD?????!!!!!!!! are you nuts? flckr has like a bazillion images, rising to the top of the heap is not easy lor. i had 1/2 mind to buy you a 13mp cam to let you shoot and print lor.
u can try to "erase" it out? =)
wahj said…
"erasing" would be cheating! =)

I'll happily use GIMP to adjust contrast, exposure, and anything else that relates to the light-environment, but not to alter a photo that way! The only time I do that - with composites - is when it is clear to the viewer that something has changed. i guess I don't want to lie to the viewer.

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