And now, for something completely different ...

Courtesy of The Dialectizer, here's what my most recent blog entries would sound like ... in redneck. (clicking on the links in the 'translated' text will take you to Dialectizer, with an option to translate the linked page into the dialect of your choice).


A few nights ago, ah decided t'look at th' Archetype cards ah bought recently. As yo' know, mah wife an' ah have a fair colleckshun of tarot cards, an' other inspirashunal o' dvinato'y decks. Th' Archetype cards appealed t'me on account o' of mah interess in Archetypes an' mahthology.

Th' card thet ah pulled out was Th' Alchemist, an archetype thet has menny links in mah life. Packrat most recently pointed me t'this site, which is frightenin' eff'n only on account o' th' blogger an' ah seem t'share menny interests in common, as enny fool kin plainly see.

Diggin' deeper in mah past, thar's th' link wif C.G. Jung (previously blogged about har), who inco'po'ated menny ideas fum alchemah into his own take on psychology (an' whom ah have t'thank fo' fust intryducin' me t'th' wo'd syzygy, a wo'd which is remarkable fo' its complete lack of vowels, as fine as bein' potentially one heck of a sco'er fo' Scrabble, 'cept thet a Scrabble set don't haf 'nuff 'y's t'make it).

Thar's th' book Th' Alchemist by Ebenezero Coelho, one of them books of which varmints (at least in reviews) say it changed their lives, but which did not change mine (muss've caught me in a particularly cynical phase), but which is a fine read nonetheless.

Whut in tarnation's wrong wif Blogger?

Ha'f an hour's wawk craf'in' a post was ett up up by Blogger in ha'f a second - how unspeakably frestratin' it is t'have a post lost on account o' of some computer glitch.

For those who wish to pursue this further, the site also allows translation into Pig Latin, Cockney, Elmer Fudd, and Swedish Chef. Ooodee-doodee-fun.


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