Doing a Terz

I'm going to channel Terz for a moment now, and complain about cabs.

You know how the inside door handle on cabs has a little recess in the top? Right - for putting your hand in - it's part of the handgrip. That's why it's a door handle. This morning, for the umpteenth time, I opened the cab door, got in, reached to pull the door shut, and put my fingers right into a pile of balled up tissue paper.

What - is - it - with - these - morons? what kind of inconsiderate, lazy, person would just blow their nose, and then stick the tissue in the door handle of a cab? This isn't the first time it's happened to me either, so there must be a fairly significant number of door-handle-tissue-stuffers out there.

[A quick look at Comfort Taxi's website gives us the figure of 10,200 taxis, making 390,000 trips daily. Let's round them down to 10,000 and 350,000, for convenience, and on the assumption that companies are generous with their own figures. There are other taxi companies out there, but we'll err on the side of caution here. I take cabs almost every working day - say 260 days a year, some days once, some days twice. Call it 390 cab trips a year. I've put my hand into tissue about 4 times a year - that's about 1 in 97.5 odds. Put that to the figure of 350,000 cab trips a day, and that's 3589.7435897436 3500 people for whom the combined muscular and mental effort of holding on to their tissue papers for their 25min cab journey is just too much]

[yes, I know my maths is off, but that's not the point really]


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