The Joy of Fragging

This weekend was probably the longest for some time - the rare conjunction of a public holiday on Thursday and Monday probably won't happen for many more years to come, like some rare alignment of the stars and moon.

The long weekend, of course, was spent rediscovering the joys of fragging. Terz and I basically realised on Friday night that we could link our two Macs wirelessly (score another point for Apple: connecting our two laptops via Airport was as easy as one mouse click) and before we knew it, we had a game of Mohaa (that's Medal of Honour: Allied Assault) going.

Originally uploaded by Wahj.

Fragging continued on Saturday, in between watching the Star Wars DVD (summary: Solo still shoots first, Vader's lightsaber has gone pink, Luke's lightsaber does the mood ring thing, switching from green to blue, Jabba looks marginally better in Episode IV, and Hayden Christiansen appears as one of the three Jedi spirits. Yuk). The high point of the weekend was when we managed to link 4 computers together at Packrat's for a happy few hours of oblivious 2 on 2 team play. Finally, more fragging on Monday to round things off - all in all, it's been a very productive weekend. = )

The wives, of course, have done their fair share of wifely eye rolling (and blogged about it)- although I've discovered that the sound of computer generated gunfire sends my wife to sleep.


Terz said…

Not so much when you join an internet game where, more often than not, you're killed by your own teammates.

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