The Passing of Newness

There's a moment that every gearhead-slash-geek dreads: the moment when you get that first scratch, bump, or blemish on your shiny new toys stuff. This is all the more painful with Apple's beautiful artefacts - like my gleaming white iBook and iPod, minor works of art in and of themselves.

You wait in dreading anticipation for that inevitable moment when a ding or nick will take away the aura of newness, and force you to change your mental labels from "new" to "used". It's almost a relief when that moment comes and goes, because it signals the end of the softly-softly kid-gloves treatment, and means you can start using them properly. Well, that moment has just come for me, in the most spectacular and economical way. I dropped my iPod ...

... on my iBook. Though no significant damage was done to either, it is The First Accident. It's also pretty daft. And about the simplest way it could've happened, two birds with one stone - if one of the birds crashed into the other, as it were.


Terz said…
Ah, I know the feeling. Just jammed my PBook in the door. There's a slight dent on the previously-clean lines of the aluminium surface now.


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