A Wedding

Weddings are such intense things. Over the weekend, K and I were helping out at a friend's wedding, taking photographs, and we were exhausted.

The pace of the day was what got us. Memorable last minute runs include:
- rushing to town to buy shoes (her) and cufflinks (me) the night before the wedding;
- last minute equipment check for camera gear, when I suddenly realised that I didn't have any Tri-X in 35mm - only medium format. classic oh-shit moment, at 11pm the night before the wedding, resulting in post-Church service run to Ron's to get 12 rolls of Tri-X;
- having the flash we borrowed from her dad conk out on us the morning of the wedding (leading to a spectacular pre-wedding-dinner run to Cathay Photos to get an SB-800 Speedlight - in my dress shirt and shoes, with K in the car outside, engine running, dashing into the shop to make what must surely have been the fastest ever Speedlight purchase in Cathay's history. I should've made a scene of it, in my best poncy accent - "A Nikon Speedlight my good man - and hurry, there's not a moment to lose! The future happiness of two young people absolutely depend on it!". Never spent so much money so quickly before).

All this between trying to dress up, look good, and not sweat, for crying out loud. I didn't realise how stressful it would be being responsible for photographing someone's wedding - suddenly, you feel burdened by the thought that the happy couple may never have a visual record of some important event on their wedding day - did we get a photograph of them kissing? of him lifting the veil? putting on the rings? doing that thing with the candles? I must add that the couple themselves were perfectly cool - they were remarkably nonchalant about the photography - it was K and I who were sweating it out!

Lest I give the impression that it was all stress and strain, I must add that it was a wonderful wedding, possibly the most fun one I've ever been too. By the time the evening wrapped up, the older folks had left, the room was left with some very drunk and very happy people, the floor was covered in confetti (as were the bride and groom), and everyone left on a happy, if tired, note. The bride's garter was lying on the carpet in the lift lobby as we left, having been passed like a hot potato from one bachelor to another, who for some reason really didn't want to hold on to it (the girl who got the bouquet, on the other hand, accepted it with much more grace). All in all, a great time.


Terz said…
Great. Consider me warned for the one that's coming up.

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