Twinkle likes the colour red

twinkle likes the colour red

We already knew that Twinkle likes the red carpet, but today we established that she has a thing for the colour red.

K was cataloguing her shoes (part of the that's going around), and after we'd painstakingly laid out all her shoes (as neat a parade as would make an RSM proud), Twinkle immediately claimed the red shoes in the middle, rolling and rubbing her face in them. Later on, she moved on to do the same thing to the other red pair (two spaces up in the middle rank), and we both concluded that Twinkle clearly has a thing for the colour red - that, in fact, our cat is a red-fetishist - a red-o-phile - a red-loving, shoe-sniffing, scene-stealing primadonna who plonks herself down in the middle of anything red. = )

Which is odd since articles I've read claim that cats don't perceive red as clearly as we do, either seeing it with less saturation, or as shades of gray.


tscd said…
Twinkle is a beautiful cat. Where did she come from?
wahj said…
She's got quite a history.

My wife came across her in the pet shop (post here): someone had asked for a kitten, but rejected her when they saw her because she was "too big" (guess they wanted a really tiny kitten)

I was hesitant about taking a third cat (the first two were strays: Patch appeared on our door step in Dec 2002: Iffy was picked up from the side of the road in Nov 2003, where she had been wandering, sick with cat flu and blind from mucus in her eyes. My wife really liked Twinkle though, and we finally adopted her in January this year, and after a period of adjustment, the cats eventually got along, we've been a 3 cat, 3 human, household ever since.
tscd said…
I'd love to have a pet. But with my job and the way we move around so much, I'm not sure we'd be able to provide a good home for an animal...we barely manage our pot plants as it is.

ampulets said…
Fancy a fourth cat or someone else who would?

Let me know (a friend just rescued a tiny kitten with cat flu. It's ok now and ready to be adopted).
wahj said…
Maybe Tym+Terz are ready to become cat people at last? = )

I don't know if we can tahan 4 cats ... when the number of cats starts to outnumber the number of humans in a household, things can become rather difficult ...

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